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Association Management Services in San Antonio & The Rio Grande Valley

We provide professional Association Management services serving the San Antonio and Rio Grande Valley. At Premier Management Services we promote harmony and a sense of community through responsible leadership, planning, communication, and service.

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Quality HOA mangement services for all types of condominiums & Townhomes.

Premier Management Services offers a management program exclusively tied to condominiums. We can deliver superior results compared to other HOA management companies in the San Antonio or Rio Grande Valley regions.

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association managment services in san antonio and rio grande valley

Dependable community association management specialists

We provide community association management that offers to every client our investment of ownership on behalf of their community. That personal level of investment motivates us to provide efficient and comprehensive reporting, creating a reliable stream of information while catering to each communities needs.

Accounting & Financial Reporting

We manage all aspects of accounting and financial reporting using accepted accounting principles understanding that Board Members will only be comfortable with the financial status of the Association if they experience consistent and accurate financial reporting.

Premier Management Services has implemented internal controls to support Board Member interest in protecting Association funds. All invoices are coded to the appropriate accounts by the community manager who is most familiar with your communities funding. We process those invoices daily and schedule twice monthly check runs to better serve the vendors providing service to your community and managing the associations cash flow.

Financial Statements are reflective of our end of the month recording process and available for emailing the first week of every month. Full or partial financial reports are also included in Directors Reports as requested.

Premier Management Services provides a draft budget to Board Members three months ahead of the required budget approval and mailing. This allows considerable time for the Board to evaluate spending parameters, and future planned projects. The accounting department also assists in providing records for required yearly independent audits of the associations records.

Administrative Services

Premier Management Services is prepared to administrate every aspect of Community Management. Our size and infrastructure allows us to remain flexible in adapting administrative services for all types of Associations. We provide administrative support for parking control, clubhouse access, guard service coordination, architectural guideline support, and CC&R compliance. Administrative Assistants complete all correspondence directed by the Board with action initiated by the Community Manager.

Billing & Assessment Collection

Premier Management Services has implemented a variety of services to pursue the collection of assessments which is the lifeline of HOA’s financial stability.

Our assessment solution system enables Homeowners to use Automatic Clearing House payments, Premier Management Services’ Website for on-line payments and credit card payments to secure your communities assessments. Homeowners may access their account information on-line thru the our website at their convenience.

We manage the Association’s assessment and collection policy as aggressively as the Board directs through the lien process and up to initiating foreclosure. At that point, the history of accounts moving into foreclosure, are turned over to the Association’s collection attorney.

Premier Management Services provides a delinquency aging and collection status reports for Board of Director meetings included in the Directors Report. Information regarding Homeowners requesting payment plans is presented to the Board at every Board Meeting for consideration.

Community Management- Premier Management Services offers every client our investment of ownership, on behalf of their community. That personal level of investment motivates us to provide comprehensive reporting, creating a reliable stream of information, while catering to every communities needs. Our community management team provides responsible service for your Association ensuring that the community where you live is managed with the highest level of care.

We currently provide full service management to the following types of communities:

  • Master Planned communities
  • Communities requiring on-site management
  • Single Family communities
  • Condominium communities
  • Town home or PUD communities

Homeowner Communication

One of the most effective ways to help increase board/committee decisions support is through communication. When members are informed of the issues facing their community and understand why the board/committee makes the decisions, they are more likely to support and comply with those community decisions. In addition, effective communication also allows members to voice their comments, requests, concerns, and ideas so that the board/committee can make its decisions based on the best interests of the entire membership.

To achieve the membership’s support for the governance, our community management representatives foster communication through:

  • HOA Board and committee meetings
  • Neighborhood & Resident Newsletters
  • Private message boards for the board and committees
  • Board portals featuring secure, 24/7 access to community financials, violations, work orders, and delinquencies
  • Online services for members to stay abreast of board and committee meeting schedules, meeting minutes, and actions taken
  • Online membership surveys and voting capabilities

Project Management

We provide project management and architectural guidance for all renovation projects within your community.

Maintenance Services

The upkeep of your community or home is essential not only for retaining property value, but also for security and peace of mind. Premier Management Services has a vast array of services and resources for HOA’s to ensure you have a pleasant experience.