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condo association management of high risesPremier Management Services provides full-service condo association management  for business plazas, mid-rises, high-rises and Townhomes. Connect with our management team if you’re tired of the same drab approach and looking for a better way. Click here to Request a Proposal.

Premier Management Services offers a management program exclusively tied to condominiums. We can deliver superior results compared to other HOA management companies in the San Antonio or Rio Grande Valley regions. We believe the management of condominium homeowner associations requires dedicated and experienced personnel with access to innovative technology systems, including mobile applications and cloud services designed exclusively for association management. Respect, trust, and clear communication are at the core of our services.

The financial complexity of condominiums requires a much greater level of management. Resources that dictate if you can support high costs such as insurance deductibles, major capital expenditures, and long-term maintenance. Managing these resources requires someone with education and experience working with large-scale budgets. We provide you with those resources. Our team consists of specialists with solid business acumen in finance and accounting.

We begin the relationship with our clients by evaluating their financial situation. This process helps the Board, and Premier Management Services set the benchmark for creating financial goals and objectives. 

Condo and townhome associations are different, and that old model that everyone uses just doesn’t seem to work very well. We believe condominium associations should be managed differently from single-family HOAs.

Condo Management Costs


Cost is usually one of the first questions on your mind, and it is also the most difficult to answer. A lot of factors can impact pricing for Association Management Services. These factors can increase or lower the price and usually include:

  • Whether or not you implement a facilities management program
  • Number of meetings and whether they are daytime or evening meetings
  • Number of units
  • The maintenance condition of the property
  • Whether you are involved in active litigation
  • Your financial situation

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